As someone with chronic pain, I worry how my children see me. They’ve grown up with a mother who often has migraines. I still worked for years before  my “crazy” put me on disability. The migraines are still there of course and have continued since I was a child.

I get all the symptoms of migraine. I get blurry vision, nausea, often I cannot speak while at the peak of the headache. After the migraine, if my medication helped with the head pain, I’m still left with those lingering postdrome symptoms like lethargy, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating….that kind of thing.

My migraines are chronic meaning I have WELL over 15 migraines a month. I probably have one 5-6 days a week. Medication helps some but you just can’t take something with every migraine. And my medication used to help more but lately it’s not doing the trick.

In retrospect, I think this disease has given my children compassion. They get an occasional migraine themselves so they know what I deal with. Thank God they aren’t chronic for them, though.

They are helpful when I’ve got a really bad one. They’ve gone to the pharmacy for me, bring me ice when I need it, have gotten cold washcloths for me, gone to find me a fountain coke which helps settle my stomach. They don’t dote on me but when I need some help they are right there and aren’t judging me for not getting off the couch to clean the kitchen!

I guess even a migraine can be a blessing. Someday when they have their own families, I know they will be empathetic, kind souls who will be there with a sympathetic heart.

Lemons outta lemonaid. Crazy, right?


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